Allison and Vikram

Posted by Allison Verma on 12 May 2016 | Comments

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Allison V.Allison and Vikram, brought to you by  Bollywood Dance Scene 


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Divyaprofile600Choreographers of the Month: Aravinth and Prachi

I moved to Minneapolis after my grad school and what I missed most was having my own set of friends and a community. Through Bollywood Dance Scene, I have made so many friends and have met so many people who inspire me everyday. Let me introduce you to two of many such people I know. Aravinth was a very timid guy who had NEVER danced in his life. His journey from there to being a choreographer is very inspiring. He is a perfect example which proves that one can do anything they set their mind and heart on. Prachi is one of the lead choreographers of BDS. She was slightly shy when she joined and now she leads so many people like she was born to lead! Her passion and precision is very attractive and it is always a pleasure to watch her dance and inspire people. 

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Hot Indian Dance Off

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Divyaprofile600Hot Indian Dance Off: Season 2

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