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Posted by Divya on 26 March 2016 | Comments

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Divyaprofile600Hot Indian Dance Off: Season 2

Two years ago, Jessica ad Erin suggested that Bollywood Dance Scene take part in the 30-second choreography competition organized by Midwest Lindy Fest. The coolest part of this competition was that we could do Bollywood dance (or any other dance for that matter) at a Lindy-hop event! So we did and we won and an idea originated there.

Fast-forward to a year after, we were planning our first ever Hot Indian Dance Off (HIDO) with Amol Dixit, the owner of Hot Indian Foods who contacted us to collaborate for an event at the Midtown Global Market. We started brainstorming on how to make this 30-second dance challenge fun, inclusive, creative and our own.  This was how HIDO was born. This March-madness bracket style dance challenge was one of its kind. People of all age groups and ethnicity could come and showcase their dance style (from Bhangra to Hip Hop, from Swing dance to Modern) at the dance off but the only catch was it had to be to an Indian song. It was a HUGE success last year and we all agreed that we had to do it again. 

Hot Indian Dance Off - Season 2 took place at the Midtown Global Market last weekend and it was attended by over a thousand people. Kids and adults alike enjoyed this beautiful assortment of dance styles presented at the event. We had contestants do Flamenco, Tap dance, Irish dance and Hip Hop to Indian songs. We also had some traditional Indian dances like Lavni, Bhangra, South Indian folk and Mujra ! All the videos are up on our YouTube channel if you missed being there. 

Hot Indian Foods was very gracious to donate 10% of their night's sales to Bollywood Dance Scene. Sangeeta Chopra of Edina Realty was our official sponsor of prizes and the winners took home some really cool prizes worth over $350! 

I want to extend a huge thanks to all the teams who participated. You should all be very proud for coming out there, giving it your best, having fun while doing it, entertaining a huge audience and for helping raise some money for Bollywood Dance Scene. This event was a success because of you, pat yourselves on the back for that.

2016's winning team - Talk Much?

Shout Outs

Ajith George took the beautiful pictures featured in this post and he was our official photographer for the night. Jasmin Akolia was our amazing tech and Madhu Bangalore was our videographer. Thanks to Sara Erdman, Matt Pitts, Maria Razzoli who took care of business (registration, merchandise sales, prize distribution et all) like a boss! My charming co-host and emcee for the night was Rohini Kumar. Anushree Prabhu was live streaming our event through Periscope and she was outstanding! Thanks to our amazing judges, Nivedita Sahni, Jessica Chad and Halie Bahr for taking the time out to support us.

We had several other volunteers who made sure the event went seamlessly and I would like to thank them for their time.

I hope we can come back again for Season 3!