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Divyaprofile600Choreographers of the Month: Aravinth and Prachi

I moved to Minneapolis after my grad school and what I missed most was having my own set of friends and a community. Through Bollywood Dance Scene, I have made so many friends and have met so many people who inspire me everyday. Let me introduce you to two of many such people I know. Aravinth was a very timid guy who had NEVER danced in his life. His journey from there to being a choreographer is very inspiring. He is a perfect example which proves that one can do anything they set their mind and heart on. Prachi is one of the lead choreographers of BDS. She was slightly shy when she joined and now she leads so many people like she was born to lead! Her passion and precision is very attractive and it is always a pleasure to watch her dance and inspire people. 

Scroll down to read their stories. 

In the words of Prachi - 

PrachiThree years ago, I came to an unknown land of completely different culture, no family other than my husband and no friends. I was looking forward to explore the city and make new friends! Then I found my long lost college friend in Minneapolis with whom I was in contact only through social media for the past 8 years. And then amazing things happened; I got introduced to Bollywood Dance Scene through her. She is none other than Jinal, one of the co-founders of BDS. 

Dance has always been my passion. Till my post-graduation days, I enjoyed every bit of being part of many performance teams especially as a lead! However, it was pushed aside in the rush for pursuing career. In US, while juggling new responsibilities, a new relationship, BDS provided me platform to unwind and enjoy with a group of friends who shared the same obsession. My career too was in a kind of reverse mode at that time but through BDS I found my second family in foreign land with whom I could celebrate all festivities and share everything! 

During 2nd year of our Fringe show, I asked Divya if I could be a part of the choreography lead team for our show Spicy Masala Chai and she was too kind to immediately accept it. I am very grateful to be part of this diverse, vibrant, talented group of artists who celebrate cultural diversity and promote understanding of many social issues through the joyful medium of dance. Through BDS I got an opportunity to re-live my passion!

In the words of Aravinth - Aravinth

I initially started out as video production team member of Bollywood Dance Scene. I realized how much fun dancing is when I had to do an impromptu dance for our first Fringe video. I joined the classes and then at one point I realized that I was totally into dancing. I was part of the next Fringe team. Without my knowledge, I was soon teaching dance to others!

Dancing has helped me to grow as a person in a lot of ways. I overcame my stage fright. I used to be a reclusive and a shy person and dancing helped me in socializing with others easily. None of these would have been possible, if it isn't for my dance teachers. I will be always thankful to them as I wouldn’t be what I am today without them.

I am really happy to be part of BDS!

Follow this space for more inspiring stories from our #BollyTC community. Until then, keep dancing!