Hi! Hello! Namaste?

Postcard“last year's runaway Fringe hit”
- Star Tribune

A Bollywood Dance Drama written, choreographed, and performed by members of Bollywood Dance Scene during the 2014 MN Fringe Festival. The show sold the highest number of tickets during the highest ticket selling year in the history of the MN Fringe. 

HHN Group.Synopsis: Bollywood beckons! Join Raagini, a shy studious Indian American from the serene suburb of Bloomington, Minnesota, as she takes her first journey to her ancestral land. Her destination is the Indian subcontinent where she will attend a full-blown, no-holds-barred, over-the-top, Bollywood-style wedding. Surrounded by a cacophony of colors, she makes her hesitant way through an undulating maze of festivities filled with new-found relatives prone to sudden outbreaks of song-and-dance...  

Check out 2014's promo video and the show below.