Spicy Masala Chai

Spicy Masala Chai is the highest selling show in the 22-year history of MN Fringe!

The audience has spoken! "This play is precisely what live action joy looks like." "Spicy Masala Chai made me fall helplessly in love. Cunning, lovable, and undeniably expert, I was smitten from start to finish." "It's almost impossible not to cheer on the dancers with cat calls and clapping! Fantastic show appropriate for all ages." "You'd have to be a curmudgeon not to like this. Seriously."

Front of postcardThe creators of 2014's best-selling MN Fringe show bring you a stirring, joy-filled Bollywood dance drama of original storytelling and choreography. Love, wisdom, and comedy are the perfect recipe for a hot cuppa...romance?

These performers do not shy away from difficult topics - instead they create a dance extravaganza around them! This show is presented in a warm and humorous family-fun style with dancers from 5 to 65 years young.

Three Indian bachelors share an apartment and a hopeless ineptitude in relationships. Meet Shyam, a handsome player scared of commitment; Kid, an awkward nerd who can't connect; and Bunty, an enthusiastic new immigrant with no clue about American dating. Put them all in Uptown Minneapolis, add a surprise house guest, and you have the makings of great gaffes, opportunities to grow, and perhaps a happy beginning.

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The ten dance scenes punctuate and illustrate the storytelling. Each elaborate dance entertains with a riot of color and rollicking spectacle the audience loved in 2014’s Hi! Hello! Namaste? while pushing character development and furthering the story. Featuring an international cast of 60 dancers who present Indian fusion dance styles from Bharatanatyam to Hip-hop and Bhangra to Kathak, this production captivates and surprises.

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